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MeSSO Industry Fellowship

The MeSSO Industry Fellowship is a commercially focused research program designed to engage industry professionals with academic researchers. The fellowship provides funding to enable a staff member of a commercial organisation to undertake postgraduate research (MEng or MSc) in the MeSSO Research Group in the Munster Technological University. The research topic is selected in consultation with the commercial partner to focus on a technological area of emerging importance within a specific domain. A suitable candidate within the commercial partner’s organisation will carry out the research program on a part-time basis. A wide range of research topics are available in (but not limited to) the following areas:

• Building energy simulation
• Demand side management
• Smart grids
• Micro grid optimisation
• Wind turbine blade design
• Building thermodynamic simulation
• District heating and cooling networks
• Milking machine design and optimisation
• Energy storage
• Building ventilation applications
• Computation fluid dynamics
• Carbon emissions modelling
• Agricultural engineering
• Dairy processing
• Sustainable agriculture
• Energy data analytics and machine learning
• Electric vehicles
• Renewable power simulation
• Holistic system optimisation
• Ventilative cooling
• Cleanroom HVAC applications
• HVAC Design and performance
• Thermal comfort
• Carbon life cycle assessments


Along with the main research topic, the student will also have to opportunity to complete taught modules such as Research Skills Development, Data Analysis and Statistics, Communicating Your Research, Developing Research Expertise and so on. The student can select modules they deem most beneficial to their work and can also avail of bespoke research training. Taught modules and other approved learning may be grouped to form a Supplemental Award (i.e. Certificate or SPA) in addition to the Master's Degree.

The MeSSO Industry Fellowship is designed to produce mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. It is a student focused initiative with the aim of advancing knowledge in a cognate discipline for an organisation. The expected outputs of the fellowship are as follows:

• A post graduate research qualification for the student
• Development of new expertise in a new or emerging field
• Promotion of the research findings at national and regional seminars
• Publications in engineering journals and presentations at international conferences
• Strengthened links between MTU and industry to enable further collaborative research


Please contact us for further information regarding the MeSSO Industry Fellowship.