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The grass measurement optimisation tool (GMOT) is designed to optimise grass measurement practices on livestock grazing platforms by increasing measurement precision and curtailing measurement time and effort. The GMOT was developed by the MeSSO Research Group in CIT and Teagasc Moorepark to promote regular and precise grass measurement on grazing platforms; therefore increasing annual fresh grass utilisation and sustainability within grass based livestock industries. The GMOT generates optimum grass measurement protocols in the form of interactive paddock maps that identify target measurement locations and the optimum measurement route, additionally measurement precision is also predicted. Through increased measurement accuracy, GMOT aids in the effective allocation of grass feed, and therefore increases the sustainability and profitability of pasture based farming systems. GMOT was developed by Darren Murphy, Dr. Michael D. Murphy and Dr. Bernadette O'Brien. It was partially funded through ERA-NET ICT-Agri Horizon 2020.





GMOT Interface


GMOT Application 


GMOT is a Visual Basic Application for MS Excel. To download the GMOT application and user manual please see the GMOT GithHub Repository




GMOT is intended for research and educational purposes only. Please see terms & conditions before using GMOT.